‘Time Is On Our Side’ (film) 1982 Australian promotional cinema glass slide, with Australian film press sheet, and two related Australian promo 7″ singles.

Group photo of rare promotional items for the Rolling Stones feature film ‘Time Is On Our Side’ (1982), together with two Australian promo 7″ singles from the related ‘Still Life’ (1982) LP. Note: The film ‘Time Is On Our Side’ was released in the USA and most other territories with the different title ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’.
Pictured are:
> ‘Time Is On Our Side’ (1982) Australian promotional glass cinema slide.
> ‘Time Is On Our Side’ (1982) Australian film press sheet.
> ‘Time Is On Our Side (live)’ (1982) Australian promo 7″ single.
> ‘Going To A Go Go (live)’ (1982) Australian promo 7″ single.

Click on images for full sized high-resolution image:

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