Argentina ‘Brown Sugar’ (1971) promo 7″, with Argentina ‘Sticky Fingers’ (1976) white label promo LP.

> Argentina 'Brown Sugar / Bitch' (1971) white label promo 7", cat: RSR 2165001.
> Argentina ‘Sticky Fingers’ (1976) white label promo LP, cat: 50-16.026.

COLLECTORS NOTE: This ‘Brown Sugar’ promo 7″ pressing is very rare. Prior to appearing here at my blog, no image of this item has ever been published online or in a book. The existence of this item was noted in some old publications, strangely listed as a “jukebox promo” (no other promo from Argentina has been listed as a ‘jukebox’ promo, so why this one is a mystery). As shown in my photos, the promo item does not have the large centre hole associated with jukebox singles, so maybe this was misinformation in books, and the authors obviously hadn’t seen the item. In reality, this promo is similar to the standard Argentina ‘Brown Sugar’ release except it features “DIFUSION – PROHIBIDA SU VENTA” printed in the label. Distributed in a plain white sleeve. Importantly, this ‘Brown Sugar’ item marks a period of transition in the Argentinian pressings, from London to Music Hall labels. Later promo pressings from Argentina in the 1970s would feature distinctive white labels from Music Hall…
The ‘Sticky Fingers’ promo LP shown here was released in 1976 as part of the Super Lujo Especial series in Argentina. The Music Hall label appear to have distributed Rolling Stones pressings in Argentina from 1972 (circa Exile On Main St) until the end of the 1970s, and all Rolling Stones promo pressings on the Music Hall label feature these terrific white promo labels with ‘PROHIBIDA SU VENTA’ red text. Pressings with this promo label exist for Exile, IORR, GHS, and Love You Live. Strangely, they reissued this ‘Sticky Fingers’ in 1976 on the white promo label, presumably to catch up for not doing it in 1971.

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