Australia – ‘Between The Buttons’ (1967) LP, rare export release made in New Zealand for Australian distribution.

‘Between The Buttons’ (1967) Australian export LP, made in New Zealand for Australian distribution. Cat: SKLA 4852. Tracklist side A: Yesterday’s Papers, My Obsession, Back Street Girl, Connection, She Smiled Sweetly, Cool Calm and Collected. Tracklist side B: All Sold Out, Please Go Home, Who’s Ben Sleeping Here?, Complicated, Miss Amanda Jones, Something Happened To Me Yesterday.

COLLECTOR’S NOTE: Extremely rare Australian export release, made in New Zealand for Australian distribution. Red unboxed Decca labels with black text, clearly stating “Made in New Zealand for E.M.I. (Australia) Limited”. Has the Australian catalogue number. Comes in an Australian made flipback sleeve, with a stereo sticker.

Click on images for full sized high-resolution image:

Sleeve and vinyl:

Label side A:

Label side B:

Closeup of label side A:

Front sleeve:

Rear sleeve:

Closeup of rear sleeve:

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