Australian ‘Satisfaction’ EP (1969) test pressing, with stock pressing.

> Australian ‘Satisfaction’ EP (1969), test pressing, cat: DFEA 7544
> Australian ‘Satisfaction’ EP (1969), cat: DFEA 7544

COLLECTORS NOTE: There are only two known Rolling Stones test pressings from Australia in the 1960s. This is one of them. The other example is shown in the entry for ‘Ruby Tuesday EP’ (1967). No other items have been documented yet or are known to circulate (but they must exist, surely?). A standard practice at many record companies in the 1960s was to destroy test pressings after listening to them. Employees at Decca Australia must have been incredibly scrupulous in doing this! This is the only reason I can think that other 1960s Rolling Stones test pressings from Australia have not emerged. I am very fortunate to have these items in my collection.

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