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All the items in the photos at this site (LPs, EPs, 45s, cassettes, reel-to-reels, magazines, books, posters, 16mm film, super 8 film, 35mm film, guitars, pedals, assorted memorabilia) are from my personal collection.
I am the copyright owner of my photos. You are welcome to repost the images at your own site, but please remember to provide a proper credit. The same applies if you are using my photos for a media project (book, video, magazine, etc).

The credit to use is:
image by

I believe in the communal aspect of the internet that was there from the very beginning, back in the 70s when hippies in Silicon Valley thought it would be a great tool to share knowledge and information for free. This spirit has endured in the best aspects of the internet. For my part, here at I am not obscuring any of the rare items in my photos with a watermark, and I am encouraging people to share the images. I will also ensure I provide credit to any 3rd party images that I might use in a blog article at this site.

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